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Counseling Sessions

Feel Empowered to Accomplish Your Emotional and Relational Goals


Amalgam Care’s Psychotherapy services offer ongoing support and guidance to help you set attainable goals and make sustainable changes to improve your emotional well being. Your psychotherapist will listen carefully to your personal history and offer personalized feedback so you can discover what works optimally for you. 


Psychotherapy can be a vital tool for anyone struggling with:

  • Troubled mood 

  • Relationship problems

  • Problems with persistent mixed, murky, or disorganized thoughts

  • Complex or painful experiences - often manifesting trauma

  • Work-life imbalance

  • Seasonal affective problems

  • Addictions / substance abuse

  • Lack of meaning and joy 

  • Creative block

  • And much more!


Together, you and your psychotherapist will decipher your psycho-social needs and create a personalized blueprint to achieve your life goals. You will gain a better understanding of the mind-body connection, and formulate the skills and strategies to maintain long-term change. 


Amalgam’s Psychotherapy services include:

  • 1-on-1 counseling sessions

  • Customized strategies and recommendations

  • Material resources and techniques specific to your needs and goals

  • Personalized treatment plans, with updated adjustments that match your milestones

  • And warm-hearted human beings who are passionate about the helping profession!

Schedule an appointment at the link below or, contact us with any questions.

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